Taking a break...

Hey there, everyone. Thanks for supporting Square One!

We have a bit of sad news this time around. Recently, progress on Square One has slowed significantly. With this being a passion project and everyone on the team working for free, it's been hard to get things done. We keep having to prioritize our day jobs and other commission work, which leaves our batteries pretty low for the game.

I think it's fair to our fans and supporters to say that development is officially on hiatus. That doesn't mean we've given up--I still believe we'll be able to finish the game, eventually. But I'm not quite sure when that time will come.

For now, thanks again for staying with us! We'll keep in touch with any new developments.

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Glad it's only temporary, and nothing wrong to prioritize what gives some return. Even so, really wish you guys get back to this project Square One has some really neat approaches that I don't many VN's trying to do :D 


It's dissapointing, but you guys gotta put yourselves and family first so it's completely understandable. 

Whether it's in one year, or two or three, I hope we'll get to see the finish product someday! c:


Sorry to hear, but glad  it's only temporary! Take all the time you need, we all look forward to the day when you'll be able to share Good News again. <3