Over 1,000 Downloads!

Hello again, everyone! We have another very exciting announcement to make:

Square One's demo has reached over 1,000 downloads!

Thank you all so, so much!๐Ÿ’•

We're very honored and happy about the amazing level of support and love the game has received thus far. Today marks the one-month anniversary of the demo's release, and we've come so far together! As you might expect, we're hard at work on the game to get the full version out as soon as possible. What does that mean? It means new artwork! Chapter after chapter of writing! New music! Lots of fun stuff is on the way.

If, by chance, you just can't wait for the juicy details, you can get sneak peeks, bonus goodies, and detailed devlogs by joining us on Patreon! You even have the possibility to become a beta tester if you so desire, so please check it out!

Become our Patron!

(By the way: our lovely animated Caitlin was created by an awesomeness trifecta: drawn by valeatory, colored by archaeren, and animated by Empish!)

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