Hello, everyone! As always, thanks for playing Square One!

Today's update features a few little tiny housekeeping updates to the game. The only change you'll probably notice is this:

  • We've switched over to our new logo! Yay!

Work on the full game is proceeding nicely. The script is currently over 30,000 words in length, and more is still to come. If you'd like the super juicy details as well as sneak peeks of assets, you can become our Patron by clicking here!

Become our Patron!

Even if you're not able to support us via our Patreon, we still love and appreciate you. You all are the reason we can keep doing all this hard work.  ★

Thanks again and see you later!

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Version 0.9.4 Sep 10, 2018 131 MB
Version 0.9.4 Sep 10, 2018

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