Final updates!

Hello, everyone!

This is just to note that we've pushed through a few more tiny updates to the game.


  • Corrected a typo (gasp!)
  • Removed a few unneeded files from the game directory (whoops!)
  • Adjusted GUI transitions to be a little faster
  • Updated the credits with a Special Thanks section

Unless anything further comes up, this should be the last update we need to push out for a while. Going forward, we'll try to focus our devlogs on the full game's progress.

Thank you so much for playing and for supporting Square One!

Files 149 MB
Version 0.9.2 Aug 09, 2018 131 MB
Version 0.9.2 Aug 09, 2018

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Will this be a Kinetic novel or one with choices ? I enjoy both, just like to get my expectations in check.


This will be a visual novel with choices and more than one ending.  ★