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 Gemoji image for :exclamationRecommended for ages 13 and older.

Togetherness is a very short (~10-15 minutes) kinetic visual novel that I created over the span of 5 days to test out Degica's new Visual Novel Maker.

❥ You play as Joshua, a thoughtful man on a date with his bubbly wife Karen. They're very much in love, and nothing will tear them apart.

❥ Resource Credits:  GUI | Sprites | Music | Font | Extension

❥ Known Issues: Auto speed is a little fast. Also, screen tints do not persist after entering/exiting menus.

Development log


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I really liked it! I jumped into it without reading much description, and my name's Josh, so I was confused at first, like "How did they pull my name from my itch account?..."

Beautiful visuals, and I was looking for a short read with punch just like this! Thank you! :D

Oh, amazing read. I think it will leave a long lasting impact on me. I love how dramatic it feels in the bookstore with the effect and Joshua's reaction. Hope to read more from you!